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10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her br3a$t


A woman’s brea$t is an essential feature that portrays feminism. Due
to differences in body shapes and sizes, the women’s BR*ASTS vary too.

women get embarra$$ed about certain issues that concern this part of
their bodies. Some work these depressing issues into their personalities
and develop low self-esteem as a result.

The following points could help women get comfortable with their bodies and increase their knowledge of this organ.

Every Woman Is Unique

Women should learn to appreciate themselves. Some feel intimidated
because they are not as busty as others. Others feel they get attention
as a result of the size of their BR*ASTS. Every woman is unique in her
own way. Some worry about one of the BR*ASTS being bigger than the
other. This is totally normal; however, if it is noticeable, a doctor
could be seen to correct the imbalance.
Inverted Nipples

It is not out of place to find some women with inverted nipples. Just
like BR*ASTS have different shapes, nipples too come in different sizes
and shapes. There’s nothing wrong with having tiny nipples or bigger
ones. Some women have more than two nipples. Extra nipples typically
develop along milk lines and could occur on other parts of the body too.


A lot of awareness has been raised about cancer. Women have been told
to examine themselves from time to time to check for lumps in the
BR*ASTS. Not every lump is cancerous. Most lumps found in the BR*ASTS
are benign. Notwithstanding, women should learn to have themselves
checked once in a while by the doctor.

Wrong bra Size

It would
be appropriate for women to find the right br@ size and wear them. Wrong
sizes could have effect on the shoulders and chest. br@ that provides
comfort should be worn; its cup should fit perfectly and prevents the
BR*ASTS from flying out when the woman jumps.

Fluctuation In Size

Every woman experiences fluctuation in size of the BR*ASTS from time to
time. The BR*ASTS sometimes become fuller. The woman’s monthly flow or
ovulation can make a woman’s BR*ASTS become tender and fuller. Young
ladies shouldn’t worry about this as it is completely normal.


The BR*ASTS house a wide range of sensations. Most women get turned on
when there is contact with their BR*ASTS. Touching and fondling of the
BR*ASTS could arouse $exual stimulation in women. Most times the men
notice the BR*ASTS first before they check out the women’s faces. Some
women reach orq@$m from touching of the BR*ASTS.

Obesity And Weight Loss Affects Bust Size

A large portion of the BR*ASTS is made up of fat. Gaining weight would
automatically make the BR*ASTS bigger. It should also be known that
drugs or exercises targeted at losing weight would also reduce the size
of the brea$t if effective; it is difficult to target fat deposit at a
particular part of the body.

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Nipple Hair

Not every woman has nipple hair, it is not an uncommon occurrence
either. A woman who is hairy may likely have hair around the nipples.
This could be plucked out with the help of tweezers. However, if the
amount of hair becomes a point of concern to the woman, medical
attention should be sought.

Sagging BR*ASTS

Most women hate to see their BR*ASTS sag. A woman’s brea$t could sag as
a result of loss of elasticity in the brea$t ligaments. A decline of
brea$t tissue due to reduction in weight could also cause sagging.
Smoking of cigarrete, hormonal imbalance and pregnancy could also cause
the BR*ASTS to sag.


The BR*ASTS could be an indicator of changes in a woman’s body. It
gives clue to what could be going on within the body. In most women, the
BR*ASTS show signs of pregnancy long before the stomach starts to
swell. In this case, the BR*ASTS grow and become tender in the first

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