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7 ways to kiss her to immediately turn her on and make her cum


During foreplay, most men often stick with using their hands to arouse a woman. While this might work just fine, you will be surprised how much hotter she gets if you try using your mouth instead.
Take your time, drive her wild with you mouth in this strategic locations and she will cum for you.
Lovepanky presents 7 hottest ways to kiss a woman.
1 Lips.
 Smooching, French kissing, tongue action, s*cKing face, first base – no matter what you want to call it, kissing on the lips is essential. Being a great kisser can mean the difference between only getting a kiss, and getting much more.
2 Neck.
 The skin on the sides of the neck is some of the most sensitive on the body. Give it slow, sensual kisses with minimal suction. Drag the smooth, wet skin of your inner lips slowly over her skin and you’ll already start to hear her moan softly. Don’t be afraid to let your tongue play too, but don’t slobber her. After the kiss, her skin should be dry within a minute.
Neck kisses can go from just below her earlobe, down to just over her collarbone. Don’t kiss the front of her neck, as even slight contact can push on her windpipe. Don’t leave a “hickey” or any bruising marks.
3 Collarbone.
 This is not as sensitive, but as you kiss her neck, you’re already right in the neighborhood. This is the area where her neck meets her chest and shoulder. Kiss just above the bone, and down from the base of the neck onto her shoulder. Soft kisses with minimal suction are best here.
4 Ears.
 Ears are often neglected, but they’re a great spot for kissing. Gently s*cK on her earlobe and run your tongue behind her ear. This can be an especially good place to kiss during $ex. Be careful though, loud breathing or kissing noises directly into the ear are not $exy at all.
 After her genitals, her BR*ASTS are the most $exually sensitive part of a woman’s body. Some women can evenachieve orq@$m just from having them kissed. Anywhere on either brea$t is highly sensual, but the nipple is the most sensitive part.
Start kissing her BR*ASTS slowly and gently. Gradually start to apply more pressure, squeeze and s*cK a little harder, and press her nipple tighter between your lips *not your teeth!*. She’ll give you cues as to whether she wants more. And don’t be afraid to ask. Establishing communication during foreplay is a key to great $ex.
Front to back
If you’re sitting behind her or she’s lying down on her stomach, there are still great places to kiss her.
6 Nape of the neck.
 With the spine so near the skin’s surface, the nape is very temperature sensitive. Kiss her nape lightly, leaving it just a little bit wet. Then gently breathe warm air from your nose on it. Kiss it some more, then lightly blow cool air on the spot. You’ll send shivers down her spine.
7 Back.
 A woman’s back is like sculpted artwork and should not be neglected. Kiss downward from her nape as lightly as you can. Try to let your lips graze the tiny hairs along her spine, without actually touching her skin. Hold her tight as this will cause her body to break out in gooseb.umps.

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