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How to download Movies from Megabox Ap


Megabox is an Android application for streaming and downloading of movies. This App is one of the most updated Movie App mostly American. It’s a well Recommended App for every American movies lovers that is using Android device.

How to download Movies from Megabox App

After the recent Update of Megabox App to version 1.0.3 the download button disappeared. Many said that it’s only for watching movies online because the download option have been removed. Today am going to show you little trick to download on the megabox latest version 1.0.3.

✔️Megabox v1.0.3 Click here to Download
✔️Advanced Download Manager (ADM) Click here to Download


▶️After you have downloaded the above requirements, open your megabox app and click on any movie to watch. It will request for additional media player app (Usually Cast Player)

▶️Download the required Media Player App form play store and reopen your Megabox App. Select the movie you want to download and click on it. It will be showing Information of the movie, Just look at the top navigation and select Video

▶️After clicking on video, you will see the movie name. Click on the movie name and a pop up will surface with different movie quality eg 360p, 480p, 720p etc. Just select any quality of your choice and click on Play

▶️After clicking on Play, the downloaded External media Player (Cast Player)  will Auto Open /start. On this point just follow the below screenshot 

▶️When you clicked on the sign that looks like Floppy disk, you will see a bottom navigation pop up containing some App. Now locate your Advance Download Manager (ADM)  and click on it.

After clicking on your ADM another pop-up will surface with the movie name and link but just look for Start button and click it.Within 3 secs your downloading will begin.

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