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3 Mobile Phone Deadly Mistakes We do and its Prevention


This days, we are exposed to technology world but in some extent we lack the knowledge of handling it properly. If the number of people in the world is 50billion than we have about 70billion mobile phones being used as many do have double or triple phones for different purposes.

Our mobile phone is a well recommended technology that helps alot in our lives – infact it has 90% positive role to play in our lives but misusing it unknowingly can terminate everything in a brick of an eye.

3 Mobile Phone Common Mistakes and its Prevention

Misusing of mobile phone has lead many to unnecessary damages take requires huge amount of money to fix it – even took away many lives. To me, i think it’s a right thing to show you all some silly mistakes we do that might bring damages and how to prevent it.


1. Answering Phone calls While charging

Your phone is down isn’t it your reason? Most people especially those living in ruler area engage in this small and deadly mistake without asking of its outcome.

Answering of phone calls while charging your phone is no advisable – infact it’s highly prohibited from the phone manufacturer form the beginning so i advise you not to do such next time incase you have done it before.

You might be lucky enough to escape the damage previously but remember that it’s because you don’t know of it than. Now you have get to know of it, if you do it again always have yourself to blame.

2. High Brightness

This have effect to some people which means that it’s not for everybody. To all those that have darker eye color are safe from this because they have high pigment while those with lighter eye color are advised to lower the phone brightness or switch it to auto to avoid photophobia.
Note: Photophobia is not a disease but a symptom that usually surface by headache, water flows from eyes, it can also makes you to be in pains while closing or opening your eyes.

3. Using of phone while charging

Lol, Am also a victim to this days back with the excuse of ‘when will i charge my phone if nepa takeoff light’ i strongly believe that this is also your reason but its better to stop now as i have put an end to it.
What really is the damages to face while using your phone when changing it?

This is exactly what i asked myself days back and you might have been asking yourself the same. Actually, the effects is not something that will affect you but rather your phone. If phone where human,what will they have been saying about you! We don’t feel it but the phone CPU is in pain just like how we respond to stimuli when being hurt.

It affect the phone battery alot that the person might start misbehaving. In short,when you are using while charging the battery is undergoing high stress due to

✔ Discharging at a higher rate than charging.

✔ Insufficient charging voltage/current.

✔ Temperature of battery & phone (as a whole),

✔ Frequent cutoff etc

Here I said only about the battery. But in reality, it affects the phone and charger as well. It can also explode the phone if you are using fake charger. The world is unpredictable so we can’t say on if we buy the original charger or not this days.

I advise you to use your phone once you are fully charged or unplug it before using it so the seek of phone battery life and charger.

With this piece of advice, I believe you can now adjust some silly mistakes to avoid spending alot to amend. 

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