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Twitter Two-Factor Authentication can now use 3rd Party Apps


Twitter is rolling out an update for its platform security that will allow users to employ third-party authentication apps to get a two-factor login authentication for their Twitter account. Twitter has offered the two-factor for a long time now, but it will be overly less secure SMS-based verification method until now.

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Twitter two-factor authentication can now use 3rd party apps

The third party app support means you can use tools like Google Authenticator, Authy or Duo Mobile to check your login instead of SMS – and all you need to set-up is a one-time exam in Your logs, roughly on the desktop with your mobile Twitter app, the camera of the phone, and a custom generated QR code to connect the app and Twitter. For more info on how to set up, check out Twitter’s official support document on the topic.

In case you’re wondering, why would you even want to do this, it’s a bit safer than texting, since SMS-based two-factor hacks, where attackers use their cell phone account, for example, by requesting a new SIM for Your account from a human service agent. Authentication apps are harder to delete, and you can follow even if you change the numbers or lose access to your phone.

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