10 Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You( No.5 Will Shock You)

10 Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You

Everyone thinks men do not show their emotions. Wrong. Well, this is a myth that has been wandering around for centuries. Men usually show their emotions more than women do. They reveal their real thoughts and emotions all the time probably because they get too excited to hide them, or they want you to know them. Maybe, the men are not as good as the women at hiding things. No matter what the reason is, you can always tell if a guy likes you or not only by paying a little extra attention to his behaviors. If you need to be sure of it before taking a step further with your date or a male friend of yours, you can review the things he has done so far according to these signs. Now that women are doubtful, I understand you want some proofs to confirm it, even if you have already got the feeling. Then, here are your proofs.

1. He Always Tries To Talk To You

If a guy likes you, he will start talking to you more. He might start texting you more or calling you more. He answers all your messages right away and asks multiple questions in a row. He will tag you to funny posts or the posts he thinks you would like on social media. You will see him spending more time talking to you and making more time to talk to you. You will know he likes you when you realize how much you have been talking to him lately.
2. He Takes Every Chance To See You

He will want to see you as much as he can when he is into you. He will not skip any chance. He might invite you to the places he goes just to see you. He might even start to go to your favorite places to have the chance to bump into you there. And he will be checking around all the time when he is there. He can directly ask you for a date as well, now that men are not as obscure as women. You will realize it when you start to see him everywhere unexpectedly.
3. His Eyes Sparkles

It has been known for quite a long time that a person’s eyes can reveal his feelings. If he likes you, you will be able to tell it looking at his eyes. Probably, he will be looking at you in a different way than he looks at other stuff. His admiring eyes will sparkle with the amazement you caused. He can even hesitate to look directly into your eyes because he will get shy every time your eyes meet. His eyes will always be following every little move you make. However, he will capture every gesture you do because he will not be able to take his eyes off you. If you want to know if he is looking at you at a specific time or not, you can play a little game to make sure of it. When you suspect if he is looking or not, you can turn your head to a direction or direct your eyes to a spot suddenly as if there was something surprising there. You will see him turning his head or directing his eyes to the same spot right after you because he is into you and curious about what attracts your attention.
4. He Behaves Timid

It is quite a common thing to get shy because of your feelings even if no one knows them. So, he will get shy and timid whenever he is around you. That’s because he will be nervous not to say anything wrong to you or not to make you uncomfortable. He will be timid because he does not want to mess it up. He will be timid because he will not be very secure or confident about his look and personality. Even if he is the most handsome guy on earth, he will never be sure if it is enough to get you or not. He will always be cautious about his acts and words not to give any wrong impression to you because he wants to keep you around.
5. He Accepts To Do Things He Does Not Like

If he likes you, he will be around you to make you pleased all the time, because he will be happy if you are happy. So, he will even accept to do the things he does not want to just to make you smile. The idea of being with you will seem irresistible to him. He can even start to like them after enjoying them with you. For instance, he can accept to the concert of a band he hates so much for you. You will see how precious you are for him after realizing the sacrifices he makes for you. Probably, he will not catch a grenade for you like Bruno Mars, but you will see how precious you are for him after realizing the sacrifices he makes for you.
6. He Gets Protective Of You

You know men, they want to protect you from everything, even from the wind. If that guy is into you, he will get protective of you as much as he can. He might do it because he gets jealous of you or he just wants to keep you safe all the time. Of course, you do not need anyone’s protection because you can protect yourself. Still, it feels good to see someone care about you so much to protect you. Just enjoy being loved.
7. He Becomes Well-Groomed Suddenly

Yes, men do not care about their physical appearance as much as women do. However, he will care about it if he likes you. Now that he gets insecure, he will pay more attention to what he wears and how his hair looks. He can change his perfume, his hair or his overall look just for you to find him attractive. It does not matter if you already find him attractive. He will feel insecure and uncertain about the fact until you say it to him. He will be trying so hard to make you like him back. I have to admit that it’s cute.
8. He Gets Curious About You

He will wonder a lot about you and ask you millions of questions. He will get curious about your family, your friends, your past, your ideas, your favourites, namely everything about you. He will keep questioning you at first, just don’t get bothered by it. He will ask you about your favourites and dislikes. He will learn how much sugar you put in your coffee. He will learn your favourite guilty pleasure song and your favourite snack and your favourite colour etc. He will ask you about your opinions on a book or a movie or the dinner he prepared for you because he cares what is inside of your mind.
9. He Takes Care Of You

He will be taking care of you and your needs. If he likes you, he will check you all the time to know if you are okay. Whenever you need anything, he will offer to get it for you or help you out with it. He can offer you to give you a ride. He can give his jacket to you just because you get cold. He will cook for you. There are so many things that he will do, and you will get the hint. When you realize that he does so many things just to make you feel happy and comfortable, you will appreciate him a lot.
10. He Is Always Happy Around You 

You might see him happy and smile all the time. It is not because he is a very optimistic person. It is because he likes you and he is always happy when you are with him. Even if you are around him, he will get happy because of the excitement you give him. He will be smiling all the time when he talks to you. He might not even be aware of it himself. His feelings for you will be in control of his body as well as his mind. Even if he tries to hide it, he will not be able to do it. Love is something that you can feel but cannot see. If it is there, you can feel it. You don’t even need anything to make sure of it.

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